An all-in-one, Configurable system

Each of EGT’s software solutions is built from the ground up to operate under a single system, TxCore. This system consists of 6 separate yet integrated modules: Business Property & Taxes, Cash Receipting & Collections, Document Management, Personal Property, Real Estate, and Workflow. Whether implemented together or individually, these modules enable you to create customized systems for day-to-day operations, syncing multiple departments under the same centralized database.

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A Single, Customizable Solution for Tax Administrators

TxCore empowers multiple departments to work together as one

  • Built for efficiency
  • Configurable software modules
  • Sound implementation
  • Fully integrated for cross-department synchronicity
  • Easy Adjustments
  • Dynamic Data

The Efficiency of Dynamic Data

TxCore’s processing power is the gold standard for processing & response times

Unlike any other tax billing and receipting software on the market today, EGT’s TxCore utilizes the power of Dynamic Data. This unique processing logic allows users to customize the information being gathered based on specific business rules. Then, they can easily configure what happens with the data as it moves through the application. This logic, combined with TxCore’s architecture, increases processing speed and efficiency, and significantly lowers costs.