Digital Copies for Every Document


Our document management module helps you track and manage bills, receipts, and correspondence generated by other TxCore modules. These documents can be easily attached to a business record and retrieved quickly for referencing in a case management workflow.

  • Easily create bills, receipts, adjustments, and other notices.
  • View, print, and email imaged documents
  • Record tracking and retrieval information for an image
  • Generate internal documents and tie them to the Workflow module


Connect to Third-party Imaging Databases


Our Document Management module tracks and manages digital copies of all documents generated by any of the TxCore modules. For externally generated documents, the application can simultaneously interface to multiple repository systems for easy retrieval.

  • Interface with 3rd party document management system
  • Users can define the document types and lookup key fields

Feature Spotlight

This module can be configured to your specific requirements, including:

Integrated with Workflow

Documents at your fingertips

Interfaces with 3rd Systems