Keep Track of Everything

An Integrated System for Recording Assessments, Exemptions, Calculations, and Billing

Our robust Personal Property module allows you to manage all accounts and billing items from within the same system. Utilizing a centralized database, the module is able to record virtually any type of property assets subject to tax from a single platform. And as part of our dynamic data system, the records are passed seamlessly to other modules.

  • Centralized database
  • Easy adjustments
  • Unlimited types of exemptions, charges, and calculations
  • Supports CASS Postal Code Verification Software and PAVE processing

User-defined Business Rules for Efficient Creation and Adjustments


Requirements change and fringe cases come often. The Personal Property module gives the user the ability to create multiple rules for sorting and processing the data in the system.

  • Twice-year billing or multiple installment methods
  • Unlimited types of exemptions, relief programs, and proration rules
  • Multiple formats for printing and reporting. Supports online tax bill reprints
  • Screen summaries of tax bills
  • Calculation of penalty, interest, and administrative charges
  • User-controlled values for reimbursement rates, value types, exemptions, and tax rates

Feature Spotlight

This module can be configured to your specific requirements, including:

Record Drill-down Capabilities

Point-In-Time historical sequencing

Single Entry Point for Valuation Changes

Supports CASS & PAVE Processing