Date-sensitive Historical Design, with Full Edit Capability


Our expansive Real Estate module is built to understand and process accounts with tremendous detail. It has the ability to look at the full historical record of a parcel (through internally generated information or by interfacing with 3rd party organizations) and enable the user to enter new data or make adjustments.

  • Interfaces with CAMA, ESRI, and GIS
  • Link multiple properties together
  • Create historical sequencing
  • Track all the key fields for parcel identification and sale information

Unlimited Details in Assessments and Business Rules


The Real Estate module’s Table-driven design, allows for an unlimited number of business rules to be applied to the data to retrieve values for assessment, exemptions, tax rates, and calculation rules, including pro-rations. It also supports additional non-ad valorem charges included in a valuation year.

  • Valuation based on individual tax years
  • Supports mid-year adjustments
  • Land use recorded by tax year
  • Calculation of tax obligations for land-use credits, roll-backs, and abatements
  • Additional non-ad valorem charges included in valuation year

Feature Spotlight

This module can be configured to your specific requirements, including:

interface with third-party appraisal systems

Simple real estate tax bill exonerations

Table-driven business rules for assessment values