Build Efficiency into Your Collection Process


The Workflow module of TxCore integrates with its other modules to automatically flag problems and prioritize activities by a logical process customized for your needs. For example:

  • Personal Property Valuation for a Tax Year: process status and management review
  • Business License Application: approval rules, correspondence needs
  • Refunds: tracking of unapplied amounts
  • Excise Taxes: process unreported periods
  • Applications: track property or personal exemption applications

Create Menu-driven User Tasks


Tasks within Workflow are user-defined in a table setup. Status Rules control processing criteria and easy menu selections guide the user towards the proper actions. Workflow is also integrated with the user profile and security to tailor the task menu display.

  • Utilizes status to generate correspondence
  • Stores notices electronically
  • Displays all notices produced.

Feature Spotlight

This module can be configured to your specific requirements, including:

Multi-step Tasks with status controls

Correspondence generated for notification

User defined setup for tasks